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Workshop: Roles and Operation 運作和角色工作坊

English workshop for all parishioners about church roles and operation at St E to help our leaders and parishioners deepen their understanding of how the Anglican Church operates in general. Led by Stephen Rodaway and Fr. Victor Li We will gain better understanding of the system through the following topics: parish operation, management, leadership, pastoring and relationship with the diocese. With a more comprehensive understanding in these areas, our leaders and parishioners will have a deeper understanding of their own roles and ministry as a team.

導師Stephen Rodaway和李永鏗牧師將會於本堂以英語主領一個關於運作和角色的工作坊。  我們盼望透過此工作坊幫助教會領袖和眾弟兄姊妹更明白到聖公會和多倫多教區在堂會運作,管理,領導,牧養和與教區的關係等方面上方針和方式。 在對這些有更全面的理解後,各自也會對自己的角色,服事和彼此配搭上有更進一步的認識領悟。